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Welcome to rebelbeard.com! My name is Valdet Selimaj and this blog is a place where I like to share my thoughts and musings of the world.

A little bit about myself:

I am a gay atheist Albanian man whose interests include writing, social media, fitness, traveling, and my amazing nephew.  As a person with ADHD, it has been tough for me to focus on anything for too long, but writing has always been that one consistent thing that I have loved doing and is totally my passion.

I am originally from New York, but now live in Detroit, MI. I am first generation American. My parents came from a small independent state in Europe called Kosovo.

Travel is also something that I have loved doing. There is always a charge of energy when I visit a new country or even US city. I love different cultures and am a huge fan of learning new languages. I know English, Albanian, some German, and even less Spanish. We learn best by experience, and traveling has been my greatest teacher. I am always looking to learn new things.

It’s funny that this next part has to be mentioned, but I am also gay. I am out and proud of who I am. Being part of the LGBTQ+ community is a privilege. I use this blog to bring more visibility around the community and to bridge gaps for those that don’t understand us.

I am also really into men’s fashion and culture. I especially love and appreciate beards! It is interesting how beards have become such a huge part of the male culture.

Professionally, I have worked in the mortgage industry for almost decade and have done many things from defaulted loans to Servicing training.  My current role is in leadership training and development. I am certified in Instructor Led Training, teaching English as a second language (TEFL), and DISC Communication training. I am Vice President of Perspective, our 200+ LGBTQ+ Team Member Resource Network (aka Employee Resource Group) at work. I am heavily involved in helping build a safe and inclusive place for LGBTQ+ people around Detroit. I do some consulting around diversity and inclusion as well as DISC communication.

I have spent the last 20 years really emerging myself into the realm of diversity and inclusion. All the things that make me up have given me a unique perspective of the world, and I am here to share that perspective while also learning from everyone around me.

Prior to the above, I also worked in retail and restaurants for a long time. Through these experiences, I have a learned a lot about the human psyche. There was definitely a lot to be learned!

Two things you will very learn very quickly about me is that I am a very free-spirited person and I also love having a beard! I am also a bit of rebel when it comes to authority or social constraints and the suffocation of freedom, individuality and/or creativity. This blog and my business is to help break down those shitty constraints and to start some needed conversations. It is time to challenge conventional thinking and wisdom.

This blog will cover any topic I fucking feel like writing about, so you can expect a broad range of posts. This blog is a blend of travel writing, current events, diversity and inclusion and any topics society is afraid to talk about. What you shouldn’t expect from me is to shy away from topics that are considered “taboo.” Those are my favorite!


7 thoughts on “About Me”

  • Drop dead, you stupid liberal bastard son of a bitch. You are the typical liberal, complaining about Trump but displaying such poison in your words and attitudes. I am a woman and I came across your blog through a queer I know, and all of you queers are the same: you take down nations, as the old saying goes because you are so damn nasty and full of yourself. You want us all to be what, just nice and obedient and never say an unpleasant word? Go to hell, you hairy ape! As a woman, I LOVE Trump and so does my daughter and everyone attached to me. Stupid worthless moron.

  • Hi, My name’s Albert from #Kosova but living in USA too. I really loved your blog and appreciate the fact that you as an Albanian gay have no fear to say it in public (thing that thousands of people in our country cannot including me as one of them). Just wanted to wish you good luck and keep shining.

    • Thank you for the comment Albert! I’m really flattered and your kind words mean a lot! It’s my goal for all of us to be accepted and appreciated in our community so that amazing people like yourself and the other thousands of Albanians can be themselves. ❤️

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