Adult ADHD

I’ve always struggled with a short attention span and impulse control my entire life. I always just “do” and never think things through. I especially never think about long term affects since I am more about the short term. Just from what I have read online and with some conversations with my doctor, everything points to adult ADHD.

That is my biggest pain point personally and professionally so this will be my main focus going forward. Personally, I find myself get all caught up and excited in new ideas/projects based off of whims. For example, after watching a few episodes of Glee, I start taking vocal training classes. After watching a martial arts flick, I signed up for Krav Maga. I learned quite a few things about both categories, and I really do find them interesting, but I didn’t have the attention span to finish or stick to either. I am getting so tired of starting new things and then abandoning them. Not to mention, there is a financial component to this. These impulses cost me money. Money that I could be saving! Or, if I am going to spend the money on these things, then I could at least get a return on my investment and follow through with what I paying for.

Professionally, I am a walking disaster of rash decisions. Time and time again I have been in the position to make a call and because the idea of all the details bog me down, I don’t think about all that. I just go with my gut instinct and think in the moment. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesn’t, there is usually some clean up or backtracking involved.

Overall, this has been more self destructive than anything. It’s wreaked havoc in my life too many times to count. People think that because of the way I am, that I am fun and exciting. However, I also think this is a large part as to why those people do not take me seriously as a leader. The more I think about it, I am not sure that I even blame them.

It’s not to say that being whimsical hasn’t had its advantages. I am very reactive which can get things done a lot quicker than those who plan thoroughly.  I am the guy you go to for immediate action. However, overall I need to simmer down and think about things more.

I’ve come up with a few ideas to help, one which includes counting to 10 as many times as when I feel I am about to react or do something. I could use some suggestions on how to maintain a longer attention span. That’s really hard. Everything gets so boring once the novelty has worn off.

I definitely do not want to take medication for it (if I don’t have to) since I would like to tackle this head on I need to. It was fun before, but now I am really feeling it and it is upsetting me. I feel like it is driving me mad because I can’t control it sometimes. I’ve wasted so much time and opportunity to propel myself forward in life. I could seriously rule the world if I focused on something. I love languages, science, writing, music, etc. There is so much potential to be great and I am wasting my energy starting and stopping projects. Well no more! Not in 2016!

Operation Focus starts tomorrow January 4th 2016! I may have to count to 10 a trillion times a day, but if that is what I have to do to get started and look crazy, then so be it!


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  • Ahh impulse control, tis my favorite aspect of ADHD. Just a few suggestions from a fellow squirrel mind (I’m considering making a squirrel my personal banner). Don’t feel bad about 20 or 30 pursuits, just allocate a fixed budget. If necessary create a very limited bank account that only is used for expenses like martial arts, sewing, pottery, collecting, etc, and be firm in your application of primary funds.
    In my experience with ADHD, I find that I work best when reading about 10 different books or flitting between 3 or 4 varying subjects. If you properly apply your ADHD tendencies to the pursuit of multiple interests, you might find yourself actually becoming proficient at more than a few of them. Mainly, just enjoy the creative bursts and realize that right or wrong way (or time limit) to gain most skills.

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