Battle of The Blogs (Reviews)

Yes, I am writing a blog post about blog sites. I find myself constantly going back and forth trying to find the perfect blog site so that I can freely express myself in the style that I want.

But that is nearly impossible. Each blog site that I have tried using has areas where it excels, and areas where it fails.

First let me start with Blogger. I am a huge fan of Google and everything they do. I believe they are brilliant and innovative. Until it comes to blogging. I think that Google might be too busy working on other ventures to give a shit about their blogging site. Aesthetically, Blogger’s default themes look childish and amateur. Even the “Dynamic View” themes aren’t very dynamic. They are all just white themes but in different versions. Using them takes out the social media sharing links that are provided by blogger. Since Blogger doesn’t have any other creative ways to share a blog, except for Twitterfeed, you would have to manually share your blog. Well, you have to manually share it anyway.
Fortunately, Google allows you to upload custom themes and you can change the HTML codes all you want to custom fit your blog to your taste. This is a huge plus side to using this site. Also, they do no charge you to host your custom domain on Google. It is only 10 dollars a year to have your own custom domain. That is so awesome! Other than that, there is no charge for any thing on Blogger.
Now my biggest griper about Blogger is it’s mobile application. Wow this app is just terrible! It’s an embarrassment to Google. If you want to post a Youtube (also a Google owned site) videos to Blogger via the app, all it does it post a link. It does not embed videos. Who the hell wants a link to a video? The whole point of a blog is to keep people on your page. That absolutely drives me nuts. Also, if you try to post a picture that you found on Facebook, Twitter, or the general internet, you can’t Share>Blogger it. You have to download the picture to your Gallery, then upload it that way. I don’t need a whole slew of pictures saved on my phone because Google isn’t smart enough to make a good app!

Next on the list, WordPress. There are definitely many areas that WordPress excels in. WordPress has some very beautiful casual and professional themes. Someone could use WordPress for anything that wanted to. WordPress also offers something that I am a huge fan of. Publicize. Activating Publicize and linking your page to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin, and Yahoo is the best way to automatically post your blog to different sites. For those of us who really love social media, this is quite a helpful tool! I hate having to manually repost my page! WordPress also offers other sharing buttons for your page like Reddit and StumbleUpon so that your readers, or you, can share your page. This achieves much higher views! The Site Stats page on this site is extremely smart. It logs every view, link clicked, and social media referral on your site to give you an exact of idea of where you are getting the most responses from.
The phone application is the best! It does everything the site does! You can even post pics and embed videos!
The downside to me for WordPress is everything requires an upgrade. I already bought a domain, but still had to pay $13 to host it. To customize the HTML coding also costs money. The prices aren’t too bad really, but knowing you can do it free elsewhere makes it hard to pay. If you are serious about blogging then I would definitely recommend paying. Another downside is that the shortlink still shows “wp” even if you have a custom domain. So it still seems like “WordPress” even though you want it to be your site.

At lastly, there is Tumblr. I don’t really take Tumblr seriously even though I definitely love it. It’s great for really just posting funny and awesome pictures so that they can get reblogged. At least in my experience. The themes just make it fun and colorful. I don’t really think “professional” when I see Tumblr’s themes. However, there are custom themes out there that can be used. You can also change the HTML codes on these themes which is great. Now that I think about it, Tumblr doesn’t charge anything to use their site like Blogger.
Tumblr also has a great phone app that does everything you need it to do. The only problem is you can only upload one pic per post. That is kind of annoying when you want to share several pics in a post. That kind of kills it for me.

I think at this point, WordPress is definitely the winner. I may have to pay for it, but I think it is worth it. Blogger is the loser here.

There are also other blog sites out there like and I don’t know or care too much about them though.

So what do you think of the blogs I mentioned?

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