Bernie Sanders (Vote TOGETHER)

Bernie Sanders. He is unlike any other Presidential nominee I have ever seen. He is as real as it gets when it comes to politicians. Growing up on the New York, I am used to Bernie’s Brooklyn accent. It is a straight shooting, no fucking around, honest accent. That’s how we are in New York. When Bernie speaks, I hear his words AND the truth, unlike our other politician friends who just spew out words with sincerity.

People rip on Bernie Sanders because they think he is a doddering old fool who shouldn’t be running for office at 74. Let me remind everyone that Ronald Reagan became President at 70. He also gets slammed for his socialist way of thinking because America has demonized socialism. I ask you this: Why shouldn’t our government take care of us? Don’t they work for us? This has worked well for other countries. Yes, I know that means higher taxes. But if higher taxes means we are taken care of, then it pays for itself in the long run. As a taxpayer, I support this! The things that would raise our taxes would be things that we have to pay for anyway, so think of it as an auto-draft payment toward your education or health.

Bernie Sanders has consistently done the right thing his entire political career and fought for the middle class. As for his age, time is not promised to anyone of us. Bernie could die a year into his Presidency, or he could serve two terms. Either way, he’s bringing positive change to the country. He is a catalyst for change in a country where the 1% rules on high.

Change is scary and no one likes it. But change is not bad. We need change right now. You have the right to back whatever candidate you like, but it might be time to think outside the box of traditional Republicans or Democrats. Bernie Sanders is a breath of fresh air in the suffocating political arena we are currently dealing with.

Let’s vote for change. Let’s vote for progress. Let’s vote TOGETHER for Bernie Sanders.

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