Generation Z – The Generation of Change (Parkland Mass Shooting)

We have had yet another mass shooting. It’s insane that we have so many and so often.

The process is pretty cyclical, as demonstrated by this post that has floated around the internet since the Parkland Fl mass shooting (even though it’s from 11-6-2017):

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I have noticed something different this time though. We are hearing from a new group of people: Generation Z. The 12-20 year old age group who gun violence has affected personally because it is their schools that are getting shot up and their peers are the ones who are dying.

I am really impressed that they are leading the way in society also retiring the ever ineffective “thoughts and prayers” mentality that most people of power who can change things, but don’t, often use as a way to help. Get the fuck out of here with that!

Here is my shout out to this group for raising their voices, and starting to incite change that the older generations just aren’t getting. Included in this video is also a bit of a tangent. I am good for those. It’s my blog/vlog, so I can do as I please.

Stop Posting Bullshit Articles/Information

It’s been a few minutes since I have written anything.

In that time however, I have been on the internet and social media. It is mind-blowing to me that in the Information Age, people are still posting unchecked information and spreading around information that is not true.

Please fucking stop. I made a YouTube video because I was too annoying to write about it and I thought a video would be better.

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