Christmas Commercialism

It’s that time of year again! Christmas music is all over the radio, retail stores are putting up their Christmas decorations, and everyone is building out their wish lists and shopping lists. Christmas is upon us.

It is also that time of year where everyone forgets the meaning of Christmas (which is shifty in itself, but that is for another blog post) and loses their souls to commercialism. Retailers bank hard this time of year because customers are stupid. We drive ourselves crazy and broke trying to buy people amazing gifts and hoping for a good return on our investment.

Why? Why does Christmas have to be about that? Why can’t we just celebrate good will toward our fellow man and peace on earth?

I think that there should be some gift giving. To the kids. Kids deserve to feel that excitement of Christmas morning. We as adults don’t need to break our bank buying each other gifts. That excitement is gone for us. We are aware of the money we spent and what the gift giver spent on us. So why even go through that? Let the kids enjoy Christmas. It’s really for them anyway.

I actually have a proposition or a wish for Christmas. Instead of buying gifts for everyone, we should fight back against retailers and not buy gifts! Rather, we can use some of that money to go to people who really need it. Families that are homeless or children that are cold and hungry because they are poor. Doing that would really capture the true meaning of Christmas. As for the religious aspect of Christmas, the ones who believe that Jesus was born that day, could really do as they believe Jesus wanted and show love to those who need it.

Either way, this might also help restore our humanity.

Facebook status: Did some profound thinking today. Despite how Christmas was started, the spirit of Christmas is about good will toward man and peace on Earth. We have certainly strayed from that. I think we have become commercial monsters who believe the spirit of Christmas is gift giving. I propose that we start a revolution. We don’t need to go on a gift buying frenzy to show we care about someone. I do believe that children deserve to enjoy the magic of Christmas though. They should receive gifts. But as adults, let’s cut the bullshit out. It will make a lot more room for love and real good will. For those who believe in Jesus, was that not what he was about? If you really want to buy gifts, you should, for families who need it. A warm coat to a poor child means a lot more than a PS4 would to a privileged kid. So whether you believe in a secular or religious Christmas, the message is always the same. Love. Let’s get back to that. -Valdet Selimaj

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