Danny Pintauro comes out as HIV+

Danny Pintauro, former child actor who played Johnathan Bower on the show “Who’s The Boss?” came out as HIV positive in an interview with Oprah last week. You can check out the interview here:

I think that it is great that he is coming out and admitting he has HIV. It will help give a face to gay men who have HIV and what it is like to live with it. But there is more to this than meets the eye…

After that interview, Danny went on The View and had what could only be described as the most painful and ignorant interview I have ever seen.

Candace Cameron Bure and Raven-Symone (both former child stars as well) interviewed Danny where they asked him some incredibly asshole questions.

Candance asked Danny if he took responsibility for his “lifestyle.” Are you serious? She basically just blamed him for having HIV! He knows he made some mistakes, but that was shitty! Then Raven awkwardly asked Danny’s husband about their sex life. IT’S NOT YOUR BUSINESS! Then Candace Cameron, in the spirit of ignorant Kirk Cameron, blasted Danny and his husband for having unprotected sex.

This whole fucking thing was a complete train wreck! Who wrote and approved those questions? Is there not someone auditing the questions and taking out the shitty ones?

I actually have a bone to pick with Danny Pintauro. I appreciate giving visibility to HIV, really I do. However, I think Danny’s motivation is purely fame and money.

Hear me out. In his interview with Oprah, when he was asked about how being gay affected his life, he couldn’t really think of anything and just made up some shit on the spot. He also talked about some jobs he had, including selling Tupperware with drag queens. I still don’t know why he had to bring up the fact they were drag queens, it had nothing to do with anything.

In the second interview, Danny stated last job was a manager at PF Changs. I think he was tired and over that whole life and wanted to go back into the limelight. When asked about what charities he was going to work with, he said he wasn’t currently working with anyone but he had a list. That excuse of “having to keep it quiet” didn’t fly with me. He currently isn’t working with anyone because he just quit his job and decided to be “famous” again.

That is just my opinion based on what I saw. Whatever his motivation, I hope he does not waste this amazing opportunity to help the LGBT community take on HIV and drug addiction, both HUGE issues in the community!

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