Gay People and Ignorant People

I have learned that gay people and ignorant people have one thing in common. They both come out of the closet at some point.

So far three people that I thought were my friends have come out as being anti-gay. Why do these people think it is OK to be friends with someone but completely disagree with who they are? This love the sinner hate the sin shit can suck my dick.

Let me raise everyone’s awareness: If you have friends on Facebook that are gay, and you post shit like this, you do not have friends that are gay. You have gay people who just don’t know they don’t like you yet.


I just dropped this idiot I used to work with at Granite City. He isn’t very smart to begin with, so I think he was fed this belief from his ignorant family. Either way, he can go fuck off. PS, I don’t care about the cross part, it was the “deviancy” shit that pissed me off.

Who the fuck is ANYONE to judge or make an opinion about someone else? Because the Bible says so? Because your parents taught you that way?

I am not a deviant. I am a man who is just trying to make his way through life who happens to be attracted to men.

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