God: Best Super villain ever!

Before I say anything, let me state that some of you might find this post offensive. I ask that if you are sensitive to my harsh truth that you close this window now.





Ok you have been given enough time to walk away from my post. I cannot held be liable for your reaction to anything I have to say.

So by now I am sure most of you have heard about the shooting in the Colorado theater at the screening of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. If not, here is a link to check out.


Tragic situations like this further confirm my belief that there is no God. While I do not believe in God, I have to ask those who do believe a question.

Where is your God when something like this happens? Surely it cannot be in God’s master plan to have his own creations shot down and violently slain like animals?

I see many people posting things on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram about God’s love and His strength, but then things get quiet when a tragedy happens. Or people start to “pray” for the victims and their families.

Let’s just say for arguments sake that God was real. Then why are you praying to a God that allowed this evil to happen in the first place? God just sat up on his throne or watched this all happen (since He is all knowing right?). How do you even subscribe to a God like that? Or is that how he reigns you in?

Does He let this stuff happen (or make it happen even) so you can turn to Him to make sure that he has followers? The devout never ask any questions, and just follow.

I need someone to explain to me how the senseless murder of people is OK by God. Unless God is a psychotic lunatic himself? I mean he did create us in his image right? That means he also created James Holmes, who is clearly disturbed. That would certainly explain a lot about this crazy and sick world we live in.

I am certainly no God, but I would strike those down with an evil heart and cruel intentions dead in a flash if I were one.

There is a book series called “Incarnation of Immortality” where immortal figures like Father Time, Death, and even God are fired from their positions and replaced by humans. Maybe that is what we need to do. Fire God from his position and find someone who can handle the job.

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