LGBT Documentary “United in Love” – Kosovo

Being a gay Albanian is pretty tough. I should know because I am one! I was the first openly gay Albanian in the Detroit area to come out of the closet. Some people were fucking shitty about it. I know many Albanians said terrible things about me, and some said them to me. However, I am proud to be both Albanian and gay, so no one’s words will deter me from being happy and appreciating both cultures.

Check out my blog post for about my life as an out gay Albanian man: Gay Shqiptar?! What?!

This post is more about raising awareness. There is a group of brave men and women in Kosovo called QESh who are helping spread the word about the LGBT community. They are bringing awareness that the LGBT community exists, that we are just like everyone else, and that we should be treated as equals by our Albanian brothers and sisters. You can check out their Facebook here: QESh.

The problem is Kosovo’s societal view of homosexuality. Between religion and Albanian pride, being gay is severely frowned upon. QESh is doing a great job of letting people know that being is gay is not the evil and horrendous act against humanity and the Albanian culture that people make it out to be.

They created this wonderful documentary to show what it is like being LGBT and living in Kosovo as well as the legal and psychological views of the LGBT community. Interesting enough, the LGBT community is considered protected and equal by the law. Protection against discrimination sexual orientation is specifically listed in the Kosovo Constitution.

I remember what it was like when I first came out. In the 16 years that I have been out, I have personally seen the progress in the Albanian community when it comes our view on homosexuality. They’ve adapted and have become more accepting than ever before. Coming out was tough, but if trailblazing the way for progress was the outcome, then it was worth every nasty word and dirty look.

This tells me that what QESh is doing can and will work. They will help bring the Kosovo Albanian people into the modern age by spreading knowledge and awareness and help build a stronger Albanian community!

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4 thoughts on “LGBT Documentary “United in Love” – Kosovo”

  • Thanks so much for posting this! I’m interning in Kosovo this summer and I was curious how LGBTQI progress is coming along in the country. Though I don’t speak Albanian, I’m going to try and see if I can volunteer with QESh while there!

  • aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii pse? you are gorgeous as hell I almost thought I had a chance with you but then you tell me that you’re gay! :(( why is every handsome guy out there gay? No but seriously, my parents actually raised me into believing that homosexual is wrong and should be punished, but since I live in Norway, where people are very open about it, I got to understand more about it and today I’m all for pro choice. But the thing with albanians are that they lack education about sexuality and you know, albanians tends to be more traditional than any european out there, marriage is an important thing when it comes to the albanian culture and thats the damn problem :((

    But the time will come when albanians are going to accept it, but it will take a long time. I mean, albanians do not even accept heterosexual relationships, and looking back 15 years ago and so, people were forced into marriage and many people did not know who their husband/wife were until the dasem came.

    My parents will not accept me being in a relationship with an non-albanian guy; I actually started one day talking about this subject with my father and he got angry easily, and I just asked him “What will happen if I ever marry for example an african dude or an norwegian dude” and he just looked straight at me and told me “Then you will not be my daughter anymore and you will be kicked out of this house too. I will also probably kill the dude too.” Yeah do not take the last sentence very serious but like, it’s sad. 🙁

    my cousin is actually in love with a serbian dude from bosnia and holy shit when my uncle called my father to invite us to the wedding, my father was all like “you are going to dirty Albanian blood with serbian?!” and oh boy, my father told him that he will never want to see my cousin never again. like part of me understand the anger, because my uncle and my grandfather fighted for their albanian rights in the Kosovo war, it would be disgrace and disrespectful to go and marry a serbian. But the other half of me is like ‘you cant choose who you fall in love with’ ‘its not like he was a murder, he was a child during that period’. It is very complicated.

    I hope the best for you! I support you, and I hope you will find peace one day!

  • Well one think is for sure and I will agree with Albulena you gorgeous and I so hoped you straight lol. Albanians will never change and my parents are the same I have to marry an Albania homosexuality is wrong and all that. They have channnged since I came here but it’s still hard. All I have to say is live your life to the fullest and don’t give a F… About anyone because trust me with Albanian even if you liked girls they would still find something to talk about . I like about what you write if you around Manhattan I would love to grab a coffee I admire you 🙂

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