My Complaint to the BBB about Comcast

On July 31, 2014 I closed on my house. I called Comcast to ask them to transfer my service from my old apartment to my new house on August 28, 2014. According to their advertisement on their site, this was supposed to be an easy thing to do.

When I got home to my apartment that day, my internet was turned off. I called Comcast to ask what happened. They had transferred my service that day. I told the person on the phone that it was supposed to transfer on August 28, not today. I was then informed that the system does not allow them to set the date in advance (which is the opposite of the advertisement) and that I should call when I am ready for it to be transferred over. After a long process, someone on their technology team reversed the mess done on my service. I also learned that service is not technically transferred. Your account is canceled at the old place and a new account is created at the new place.

I waited until September 5th to have the service transferred to my new house since my apartment lease ended at that time. I spoke to the Comcast employee about moving and they told me that I could use the hardware I currently had at the new house.

A short while after that I checked my old account online to verify everything was OK. I then discovered that I had been charged $210 for not returning the equipment!

I called Comcast again to discuss this huge mistake. I spoke to a woman on the phone and explained the entire situation (as stated above) to her. There were also some other strange charges on my current account at the new house. Comcast was charging me a prorated amount from August 28, 2014, the date I originally had planned to start service. After some discussion the woman finally reversed the charges from August 28 to September 5 since September 5 is when my service actually started.

The Comcast representative put in a ticket to have the charges reversed off of my account which would have zeroed out my last balance. She told me it would only take a few days. This all happened at the end of September when I received that bill.

On October 21, 2014 (almost a month later) I went online to check both my balances to make sure everything was set. I was surprised to discover that the old balance was not only active, but now considered late! While looking at both the old and new account, I accidentally paid the old balance of $171 instead of the new balance of $166.

On October 22, 2014, I called Comcast yet again and explained the entire situation again to Joe from Florida as well as asked him to apply the funds I sent to the new account instead of the old account. I cannot believe that accounts are not notated and customers are forced to explain situations over and over again.

In that phone conversation Joe told me that this situation happens all of the time. Customers always get hit with a charge for not returning equipment that they planned to use in the new location. Joe reviewed the ticket to have the charges removed from old account and told me that it was open but nothing came of it because they did not have my new account number to prove the equipment was being used. It just sat there for almost a month without anyone contacting me or doing anything to get the new account number!

Joe also told me that it was common for customers to accidentally pay their old account but that it was easy to reverse those funds and apply them to the new account.

During this time I was waiting for the funds to be applied my current account was considered late. I just had to make another payment of $45 to the new account, but the funds should’ve already been applied to it! They would’ve owed me $5. Now they owe me $50.

Ideally I would like to see Comcast completely dismantled. Realistically, I just want my bill to be corrected. My new account needs to be credited the $171 I paid toward my old account (which should have been zeroed out already) as well as the $45 I just paid applied to my new account as well.

Comcast is killing the phrase “customer service.” They try to hide behind the new name of Xfinity, but at the end of the day, you just can’t shine shit.

UPDATE 10/28/2014:

I looked at my accounts again to see if any changes had been made. Nothing had been changed. So I had to call Comcast yet again.

I ended up speaking to Tiffany. As is always the case, I had to retell my story again because they apparently can’t take notes over there. After explaining to her the entire situation from start to finish, including my conversation with Joe, she started looking at my account. Apparently Joe from Florida had opened the wrong ticket for the wrong account and yet again my situation just sat in limbo once more. Tiffany also confirmed that Comcast had indeed not done a service transfer, but mistakenly just opened a new service and ended the old service. So my new account is not reflecting that I have the same hardware from the old account.

Tiffany then told me that all we would have to do is transfer me over to the Internet Department who could just “copy and paste” my information from my old account to my new account. OK whatever.

I asked about when the funds I paid on the wrong account and when they would be applied to my new account. As is always the case with Comcast, I was told yet again that the previous agent had misinformed me. They cannot apply the funds to my new account because it was a different account. Instead, I have to wait 4-6 weeks to get a refund check. So now I have to pay $121 for my new bill…which is weird because my bill is only $75 a month.. so that is a whole other conversation I still need to have. I laid into Tiffany about the shitty false advertising regarding the Comcast ad on their site and it being “easy to move.”

Anyway, Miss Tiffany cold transferred me to a guy named Riel. For some reason Comcast is not big on warm transfers. I had to repeat my story again. I was fucking pissed off at this point. So I told Riel my story and how I got to that point. I had to tell him that Tiffany had transferred me to have him copy and paste my hardware data information from my old account to my new account.

This is where it gets good. He told me that they do not have my old hardware information on file! I lost it at that point. I laid into him about how in the world do they not track the hardware information of equipment that I am renting?? How is that not on my account?? I then talked to him about the other modem I had received. The new modem is the one on my current account, even though the new hardware was working just fine. He then said I need to be home with the new modem in order for him to activate it. I went off on him again. That idiot kept reciting his call script and apologizing for the inconvenience. I lost my mind at that point. I went off on him again about this is not just an inconvenience, this is the most horrible fucking experience that I have been through with them and they keep disrupting my life.

I went on again about the billing and Riel said he had to transfer me to Billing. I told him do not cold transfer me. I am not telling this same damn story several times! He said he wouldn’t and put me on hold. So I waited and waited and waited. At one point someone took me off hold then put me right back on hold (probably because the phone was going to disconnect me for being on hold for so long).

Then all of the sudden I heard the automated prompts. I think my call got rerouted to the main menu. I was LIVID and screamed FUCK YOU!! Then the phone call just straight disconnected on me. I think Riel and whoever he was transferring me to just didn’t want to deal with me.

Someone from Comcast’s PR just reached out to me because they received my BBB complaint. Wait until she sees the updated blog!

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