My Long Road To Education

I have been working on my two year associates degree for about five years now. I have been so embarrassed to admit that to anyone. When people ask me when I will be done with school, I just laugh and say “Oh it’ll be a while.’ Technically I am not lying.

After several years of just f*cking around, I finally started going to college when I was 25. I had decided in my earlier 2os that I want to be a PR. I think I would be really great at it. I was really proud of myself because I finally grew up and made the decision to better myself with an education. I started off light and only took 2 or 3 classes (I don’t remember anymore). I had been out of the school swing for a while and need to get reacquainted with it all. At that time I was also working at Applebee’s full time. It was perfect. On my days off I would take all my classes, do my homework, and study. Then I would work over the weekend and make my rent money. I didn’t have anything else to pay for except my phone and portion of utilities at my old apartment.

Like all things in life, change was coming my way. I then began to work full time at Flagstar Bank Monday-Friday. I was also still working at Applebee’s on the weekends. All of the sudden my free time was gone. Then I had to work both my jobs, pay for my apartment on my own, car payment, insurance, and all that other fun stuff. I was no longer receiving financial aid because now it was deemed that I make too much money for aid. Too bad no one takes into consideration the costs of being an independent student. I also had lost a huge monthly bonus that I received. That is why I had to pick up my hours at Applebee’s.

I was still managing to take some night classes and paying for my classes out of pocket. I refuse to take out student loans because I want to walk away with a degree, not debt. Anyway, I was doing pretty good. I did hit a couple of speed bumps here and there. I ended up not going a semester here and a semester there. OK fine, it happens. What are you going to do?

A few months ago I started to dabble in music. You can read about that here. I fell in love with it. The more I fell in love with it, the more I realized that I hated working in an office. Even now, six months later, I still dislike it. It is so boring, I’m tired of office pettiness and cattiness. I just waste away my energy there. I knew that music and writing is what I wanted to do with my life. When I realized that, it felt right. So my next step was to speak to a counselor regarding the educational path I was on towards an ABA and how I wanted to get an associates in Liberal Arts.

Whatever I do end up doing, I still work full time at the bank and I work part time at Granite City. So I am still crunched for time and funds for school. So school is definitely going to “take me a while.” The difference now is, I don’t care anymore. I shouldn’t be embarrassed. I’ve paid my own way and have made it this far. I am an independent person who lives an independent life. But I do need to do something, quick.

I made an appointment with the counselor at my school. I met with her today 8/15/2012. I wanted to explain to her where I was coming from and what I wanted to do. She looked up what I needed and I discovered I only needed about two more classes. Also, I could actually get two Associate degrees! One in Business and the other in Liberal Arts. However, the Business Associates would require that I take Managerial Accounting. I dropped that class once. What a beast. I might just do both. But I know my heart is not in business. Maybe there is an opportunity in a different kind of business and I shouldn’t be basing my office experience to default mortgage banking. So that is why I am going to work on getting both Associate degrees. So I can have a plan B.

Even if I did find something different, nothing makes me feel better than writing something. I love words. I love expression. I love taking words and singing them (to the best of my ability). I want to make music and write pieces. It’s what excites me.

Writing especially has been a long time hobby of mine. But I was always afraid to try and turn a hobby into a job because then it wouldn’t be a hobby anymore. They do say “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

I don’t find that to be entirely true, but it is a great goal and I plan to never work a day in my life again!

What is your passion? Do you do it for a living? Why or why not?

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