My Promotion to Guncle

I’ve been wanting to work on my blog for while but had a bit of a writing spell recently. Or, if I’m being totally honest, I was just being incredibly lazy and not taking advantage of the inspiring muses all around me.

I’ve also been super busy between work and babysitting my almost 7 month old nephew, Lucas.

Just a quick back story for you: My twin sister Valbona and her fiancé Nick had my nephew in May of 2017. For our family, he’s the first nephew/grandson born. To say that we all just melt over my nephew is an understatement. As a brand new uncle, I’m a mess!

Current day: I’m fortunate enough to get to babysit my nephew almost every Friday and some weekends. I’ve been doing this since a few weeks after he was born.

This child, my heart, my light, has had such an amazing and deep impact on me. From when we first found out my sister was pregnant to now, something in me has changed. I’ve always loved children, but this kind of love that I have for my nephew is a new experience! Anytime I hear his sweet voice making sounds or screaming, or anytime he drools on me or grabs my face/beard, I just melt into a puddle.

My favorite part though, and the part that wraps me around his precious finger, is when he just looks/stares at me and gives me a huge and happy smile. There is literally no wrong that Lucas can do in my eyes.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Being part of his village, and knowing that I’ll have a partial influence on who Lucas grows up to be, is having a very deep and profound impact on me. This isn’t like a part-time babysitting job where I watch a kid for a while and then off he goes. We will be in each others’ lives. I know that I will have a part in shaping who he becomes as an adult, intentionally or not. This makes me really self reflect on who I am as a person and to make sure that I am doing the right things so that I am a positive role model in his life.

Not only am I an uncle to that sweet hellion, but I also happen to be his gay uncle. His guncle. Being a guncle is a very huge deal and it slightly varies from the uncle title. Part of my (self-appointed) role in his life is to teach him about the beauty in diversity and practicing inclusion. That being different is magical and to help create a world where people can just be who they are. I am grateful for the experiences I have had in my life and that I will be able to use them and share them to the children in my life. I’m also determined to be the rich uncle in the family! Ha!

There is another unique advantage of being a guncle (but this isn’t limited to us). As a gay man, I don’t think I’ll ever have children (biological or adopted). Who knows where life will take me, but that’s where I’m at right now. I’ve always said that I’d love the children of my siblings like they were my own. I even surprised myself at just how much I meant that! There is nothing I enjoy more than being in the same orbit as my nephew. It is exciting that I can just be myself from the very start of his life until I leave this world.

Some people don’t understand why I’m so involved in my nephew’s life. This is a close as I’m going to get to raising children, so I’m definitely going to maximize my time. I’ve got a huge amount of love to give and this makes me so happy!

I’ve been called many things before and have held many titles, but none as important as guncle! I call this a promotion because I am better today than I was before becoming an uncle.

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