Online Dating Works! If you aren’t gay that is..

I have never been one for online dating. I think there is no zest or appeal when it comes to chatting with someone online. Without personal interaction, there is just chemistry or interest. All you have to go on is a possibly outdated pic and profile. That is not a person. That is a profile. But with that being said, online dating is becoming an increasingly popular way for people to meet. I see the commercials all the time for eHarmony and Chemistry. I even saw that one of those dating sites (I think has live parties or events where people can meet each other in person. I actually find that to be a brilliant move!

But, all of those mentioned earlier are for the heterosexual community. As for the gay community, we are severely limited. At least with heterosexual people, there are just so many of them. In the gay community, there not as many of us. We are such a small community that we know all know each other, or of each other. That makes dating nearly impossible. Unless of course, you fly them in from out of state or country lol.

If you do use dating sites, especially for smaller areas like Detroit, you really only need one profile or app. Grindr is really the best way to go it seems. For a while, at the advice of a friend who was annoyed I was perpetually single and not dating, I “put myself out there.” I went on OKcupid, PlentyOfFish, etc. I quickly came to learn that it is all of the same people! Same for gay mobile apps like Grindr, Scruff, Jack’d, Maleforce, Growler, etc. It’s always the same people messaging you or viewing your profile.

So this is my question: If you already know everyone at the bar, and it is all the same people online, where does a guy go to meet someone?

I have a lot going on for me right now so I am definitely happy being the bachelor that I am. I am focusing on goals that will really propel my life forward. I have also never been the type of guy to ever “need” a boyfriend or someone in my life. I am a fully independent and self sustaining man. It doesn’t bother me that I am single at all.

The part that concerns me is that if I did want to start dating, that there is no one to date. There just is nothing out there. That is a dismal reality.

Being gay is hard enough. But being gay and finding someone, forget it!

I don’t know. I’m blabbing really. What do you do think?

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  • Grindr is such a terrible app to use—I very much dislike even opening it so I barely even know the audience there. I’ve had luck meeting people on Scruff but the app is a better experience and easier to use so that’s why I tend to use it.

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