Sam Claflin cast as Finnick Odair in Catching Fire

According my sources (the internet and my friend Jon), the part of one of the biggest characters in the Hunger Games series as been cast! The very lucky individual who will play Finnick Odair is Sam Claflin! Pictured here:


That is an extremely big role to play. As a fan of the Hunger Games series, Finnick was my favorite character. The cast of this individual role could make or break the actor and/or the movie Catching Fire. We have to love Finnick on screen like we did in the series. Sam here has a lot of work to do. He better nail this character down pat!

In my personal opinion, I think this guy is a good pick for the role. I think he physically looks like what Finnick would look like in real life.

In other casting news, Jena Malone has been cast to play Johanna Mason in Catching Fire as well. Now this actress is the perfect Johanna right off the bat. I think she is going to show Johanna’s tough, but occasionally sweet, side very well.


Alan Ritchson will be playing the part of Gloss. I am happy this guy is in this movie, but I had originally suggested that he play Finnick! Check back on my’s a true story. He played Aquaman on Smallville, so naturally he would’ve been the ideal candidate to play Finnick from the fishing District. I think he more looks like Finnick. At least that is how I pictured him in my head.

I am so excited for this movie! What do you all think of the casting?

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