Stereotypes and Stupid Questions (Gay Men)

Ok, to get straight to the point, this shit drives me bonkers.

As much I can’t stand intolerant assholes who look at me as some biblical monster or as a person that is not equal to them, sometimes people who just love the gays or are uniformed drive me more crazy!

There are a couple of questions/statements that I notice people (especially women) immediately ask upon discovering that I am gay.

Question #1: Do you have a boyriend? Seriously? That is the first place your brain goes? I didn’t ask you if you had a boyfriend. We just met. I get that it is fascinating that you met a man who dates other men, and the idea of him having a boyfriend/partner just makes me you sploosh your panties. But it is no different then you dating your man! This question always annoys me. I know that no harm is meant by it. It is still annoying. I’m not a pony show to entertain or amuse you. I actually just IMed a coworker and asked her a question about who files what claims in that area. She told me. Then she asked me if I had found a boyfriend yet. WTF? I’m sure that has nothing to do with claims.

Statement #1: You’re gay? We have to go shopping together sometime! Um what? I just met you. Why the fuck would I go shopping with you? I’m pretty sure I already don’t like you so why would I torture myself by hanging out with you? I’m gay, not a sadist. I actually hate shopping. I am one of those quick in and out shoppers. The ONLY time I used my shopping abilities is for my mother, brother, sisters, and some cousins. That’s it. Not for stupid fools who slap me in the face with a stereotype.

One of my biggest pet peeves: Fag Hags and Fag Stags. This topic really makes my blood boil. These girls are heterosexual world road kill who are kicked over into the gay world. To me, loving someone just because they are gay is the same thing as hating someone because they are gay. I hate when I go to the bar and I see these obnoxious, over protective, bigger girls crowding the place because they want to be with “their gays.” We are no one’s gay. There are a couple of straight men who have all gay friends because they just love the attention we idiotically give. I always have an appreciation for those people who have friends that happen to be gay, not friends because they are gay.

My all time biggest pet peeve: Gay men are not women!! We are not “one of the girls!” We are men. We have male genitals. Being gay is not the same thing as being a woman. Being gay means I am a man who likes men. Do not invite me to your baby showers, wedding showers, or girl’s night out. Fuck you.

To everyone hetero: Gay people are real people. We are not Showtime entertainment. We have every day lives with every day problems. We have the same blood types that you do. We smile when we are happy, we cry when we are sad. We have hobbies and talents like you do. We face the world alone or with a partner like you do. We struggle to pay bills during hard times like you do. There are many varieties of gay men (and lesbians) as their are straight men (and women). Some are feminine and some are masculine. Some love make up and others love video games. We are all different. Try to get to know the person who you are meeting and not the stereotype you want him to be.

The only difference between us is people don’t judge you because of you who fall in love with or want to marry (unless you were black before the 1960’s).

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