The Beard Police – Masculinity?

Beards are not new. As males, our genetic make-up allows hair to grow on our face. Men have been growing beards since the dawn of time. They date back to the cavemen and through the Biblical times (if you’re into that). From scientists to ancient emperors, all kinds of men throughout history have grown beards.

In the past few years, beards have become a fashion statement. To me, it makes sense that it would eventually become a fashion trend. There is a lot of possibility when it comes to our beards. We can shape them and grow them pretty long. I think beards add or make a really great look for guys and is a true compliment to our personalities and styles.

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Men are allowed to be fashionable with what they have. I think it is great that beards have become something men can be proud of! Guys are doing great things with their beards, and they are also bonding over it. It is so awesome to see men bonding over their beards, especially because men struggle with building relationships with other men. It’s created this sweet community. I actually made a friend at work because he was growing his beard out and so was I.

However, it looks that with the rise of beard fashion, the beard police have also risen. I recently saw these stupid memes and it pissed me off:

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Apparently some assholes have decided that they have the power to govern over other peoples’ bodies and dictate who can and cannot grow a beard. A couple of my friends have posted these and other memes like it making fun of guys who grow beards. This is where I am confused and need help understanding. That school of thought has raised a few questions that I need clarity on:

Who the fuck decided that a guy has to hunt, fish, shoot a gun, hike, change a tire, or camp to grow a beard? Who decided what the definition of “masculinity” is? Is there a hard and literal definition that I am not aware of? Why does a man have to be able to do those things listed above in order to grow his beard? I never heard of prerequisites to growing a beard until recently. Is this something that should be taught in school?

Today’s modern man does not need to hunt or fish. Some men don’t believe in guns…which if everyone remembers, that is our right. Do you know what else is our right? Freedom of expression. Just because we do not do those things does not mean that we should be forbidden from growing a beard. We did not grow up in that world where those things were required. Society equates beards with masculinity. But what is masculinity? That is an ever evolving word that encompasses many meanings.  It’s just a show that men put on for other men. Hanging on to outdated notions of masculinity just makes you look like an idiot who is trapped in some weird dark age.

Here is a news flash: Whether we can hunt or change tires, beards still grow. Beards are part of our DNA and body and you are complete fuck if you think that your preconceived notions of masculinity will define who we are and how we choose to carry ourselves. So shut the fuck up and worry about things that are actually important, like global warming or Donald Trump.

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5 thoughts on “The Beard Police – Masculinity?”

  • In my opinion beards are actually very trendy now a days and mostly every men has beard which portray his matureness and I love it. Its just some men do not take care of there beards and thus it looks unattractive. But there are many who love grooming beard. Its important to take immense care and apply beard oils, spays and creams to grow his beard properly. In short beards and mustache can be attractive too.
    Beards are the contemporary part of the history and deals with a great royalty. Its been said that having a beard or a mustache is a sign of a real men which rules the kingdom. Growing a beard has been a part when the roman civilization was started to the depth which is being recognized till today.

  • “Hanging on to outdated notions of masculinity just makes you look like an idiot who is trapped in some weird dark age.”

    Who are you to dictate what is “outdated?” You do realize that asserting your opinion as dogmatic fact makes *you* the idiot, not them.

    • I always appreciate feedback, so thank you!

      When I say outdated, I mean things like hunting for necessity. We don’t have to do that anymore. There are some people who believe if we aren’t doing those manly things (hunting), then we shouldn’t grow a beard. To that I say, no one should tell me what stipulations I need to fulfill in order to grow out my own facial hair.

      Does that clarify, or did I just fall further down the rabbit hole?

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