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As this point, most of you internet savvy users have come across this first verified picture:

This second page is another part of the test.

If you have not seen this, and are very confused, let me explain. You are looking at the “science” quiz in a private religious school. This student answered the questions according to the theory of creationism. Creationists believe that the entire world was created by God out of nothing and is 6,000 years old.

This shit seriously blows my mind. I cannot even fathom how this garbage is even taught in any school! This is not science. This is telling stories to children and telling them to ignore facts and evidence.

Rather than rip on a child who doesn’t know better, I decided to find the root of this garbage. As I was trying to research this whole lunatic theory, it didn’t take me very long to find the perpetrator of this bullshit. Ken Ham.  If you watch the videos, you will see that every question on the above quiz is directly out of the material in the videos.

Here are his videos teaching creationism to students. I promise, if you are of a logical mind, you will be livid by the time you are done watching this shit.

So Ken Ham opens up with how he does not believe in evolution. He does not believe we came from apes or that the Earth is millions of years old. Why? Because the Bible says so. Apparently the Bible is the “History Book Of The Universe.” Are you kidding me?

Ken Ham has a hard time believing in evolution. Apparently it is just ludicrous and beyond reason for him to believe that living organisms adapt to change and evolve. For example, wombats in his native Australia have backward facing pouches. Mr. Ham claims that it was God who built in the backward pouch so that they wouldn’t fill it with dirt when digging. I guess the idea of a deity in Heaven designing some marsupial is more believable than the wombat’s ancestors started digging as a survival thousands/millions of years ago and their bodies evolved to aid in that survival.

Speaking of millions of years ago, according to that Bible, the dated age of the Earth is 6,000 years old. It doesn’t matter what science says. In fact, Ken Ham offers no proof that science is wrong. I did not once hear any explanation or counter argument against science aging the planet millions of years. It is probably because science has the proof to back their claim up. The Bible is not proof of anything. It is the claim. The burden of proof falls on the Creationists, and so far they have proved nothing.

For instance, according to Creationism, God created the land animals on the sixth day. Land animals include humans and dinosaurs. Yes that is correct, creationists believe that the dinosaurs and humans lived together at the same time. That time was 6,000 years ago. That is despite the fact that we have proven through carbon dating the age of Earth is much older than 6,000 years, and that there are no human remains from the time period of the dinosaurs millions of years ago. Also, the dinosaurs would have wiped us out. Speaking of wiped out, when the dinosaurs were wiped out by the meteor, and humans were around then, how did the humans survive?

Ken Ham teaches these brainwashed children that the next time, when speaking about the dinosaurs, an Evolutionist says “millions of years ago..” to politely ask them “Excuse me, were you there?” When the Evolutionist replies back with “You weren’t there either” they are reply back with “No I wasn’t there, but I know someone who was and I have his word and I have the History Book Of The Universe which tells us all about the dinosaurs, are you interested?”

Are you serious? What kind of idiotic response is that? “I know someone who was there” Who? God? No you don’t, so shut the fuck up. They have never met or known a single person or entity who was “there.” They only know what they have been told to believe. Also, the Bible was written by men who were also not at the beginning when the Earth was created from “nothing.” God didn’t log his creation of the Earth. In fact, “He” didn’t log a damn thing at any point. He took the seventh day off and didn’t do a damn thing. If I were creating the world/universe, I would probably jot a few notes down. It’s kind of a big deal. The Bible proves absolutely nothing.

If “God” created the languages first, according to the first video, then how come “He” did not create the name dinosaur for the dinosaurs when “He” created them AFTER? There was a name for everything else. Ken Ham “believes” that what we call dragons in the Bible were really dinosaurs. That is what he believes, but he did not provide any real proof.

Also, if God was real, that means He created carbon dating. Why would “He” create the proof that Evolutionists use to dismantle the Creationist’s claim? Wouldn’t that just be counter productive?

Why would God create the universe on the first day, which is infinite, and concentrate on making only one whole planet which is really a speck of dust in this universe? Why did He create all those pointless planets, stars, galaxies out there if He had no plans for them? What if other life is discovered in galaxies far away? If God created us in his image and made us his focus on Creation Week, then how would Creationists explain other life forms? Would they do what the religious people have been known to do against something different than them? Spill blood.

As you can see by the last two paragraphs, creationism does nothing but create more questions than answers. All they have done is make claims for which they provide no proof. Just because they believe something to be true does not make it true. When scientists believe something, they test it through experiments and find answers. They do not sit there and just believe. They prove it. For every claim made by the Bible, science proves it wrong.

Teaching creationism in school is a form of child abuse. I believe children are specifically targeted for this because they will just blindly believe it since they are told the other option is incorrect. This seriously needs to stop. It starts with the parents. If you look at the below picture, you can see what happens to those who are blind. Do they really want the reasonable minded people in the world to laugh at the adult who still believes in Santa? Don’t be this parent:

One day religion will die and all of this will just be a dark part of human history. I won’t be around to see it, but I know it will happen. We are slowly letting go of religion and these false beliefs.

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