Why You’re Using Social Media All Wrong

Boom. 9 black people are killed in a church by some crazy nut job. The motive is possibly race based.

Instantly, you go on to Facebook to share your outrage and the evil atrocity that has happened to these innocent people who were targeted! You bombard Twitter with #hashtags letting everyone know how you feel and that everyone is in your thoughts!

Then your friends also start to post their outrage and thoughts! Soon articles from everywhere on the internet on in your timeline and your friends’ timelines.

And then what? What happens when that topic becomes old news? What impact did you really have on that situation?

Lately, I have been seeing way too many people bombarding social media with posts/tweets like I mentioned above. The issue that I have with shit like this is, if you are going off on to your friends/followers about how disgusting racism is, is that really effective? In theory, when we build friendships, we tend to find people most like us. So, if you are not a racist, and your friends aren’t racist, why are you blowing them up when they already agree with you? If you do have a friend that is racist, that is a whole other issue.

I used to be one of those people. The example is a little different, but the end is the same. I used to go onto my social networks and just lambaste religion and religious people. All the time. Some of my friends on those social network sites are religious. How awful for them that someone they like/love keeps attacking them when they didn’t even do anything. That is what is happening on social media right now. We are wasting our words and actions on the wrong audience.

Because of my experience, I have grown so tired of these social media warriors. No one gives a shit about post or tweets. The sad truth is, many times, most people are posting incorrect information and just spreading propaganda. The manipulated information after a tragic event is almost chilling. Fucked up people take an awful situation and warp it to fit their message or viewpoint, and the social media sheep just eat it up and share/retweet away.

If you are truly outraged at something, then actually do something about it! I don’t care if it is racism in the U.S., marriage equality, or equal pay for women. Organize a protest! Start a petition! Organize a sit in! We have the legal right to protest!

I am not saying you can’t post your concerns about a situation. I am just saying know your audience. Address those who need help. Bring visibility and perspective to those who need it, not the ones who already share it with you. It’s not going to be easy, but it could be worth it. One changed mind is worth a lot.

Things change when things change. Be the catalyst for the change! Hiding behind Twitter and Facebook won’t do it.

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