Bill Cosby vs Violent Cops

If I see one more of these ignorant posts, I am going to lose my shit on someone.

When you compare the police murdering innocent people on camera to the Bill Cosby case, you are shaming rape victims. How the hell can anyone even compare this case to what is going on with the cops? This fucking post isn’t even correct. Bill Cosby JUST got arrested for drugging and assaulting a woman that was within the statute of limitations. Those women who were attacked before, including 30 years ago, were not able to press charges due to the length of time that passes since the attacks occurred.

Women have been the main targets of psychotic/sadistic rapists and murderers throughout most of history. Look at the serial killers of just the past century. There is a certain fear that women have had to live with. When you post shit like “they stand to gain money,” you’ve undermined their traumatic experience and also force other women to never speak up about their rape so they aren’t treated the same.

Those women (and men) who have been raped and were too scared to say anything could be a relative or friend of yours. When shit like this gets posted on your social media, or you make disparaging remarks toward these women and this situation, your friends and family are reading that.

The police are killing people. That is the issue. That is what we need to focus on. Authorities seem to be above reproach when it comes to killing innocent people. Why is this happening? Why can no one break through? Who is protecting them? Spend your time digging into that instead.

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