Bombs VS Guns

One would think that when a crisis like the Boston Marathon Bombing happens, everyone would ban together and put aside all issues until everything is settled and the lost have been mourned.

Nope. Not in America anyway. It wasn’t very long after the bombing that gun enthusiasts began using it as a platform for their anti-gun control beliefs.

Let me make this clear as possible:

Bombs and guns are two DIFFERENT things!

Gun control is an entirely different argument from bombs. Bombs are illegal and guns are legal… but both kill people. Guns are readily accessible and easily attainable. Bombs aren’t. You can’t really compare the two.

If our death rate was really high due to bombs I could understand “tighter bomb control.” But it isn’t. Gun violence is the leading cause of violent death in the U.S. So naturally that is what we need to tighten the controls on.

The actual suggested tighter gun control laws are only to make it more difficult for people to get their hands on guns.  I would imagine that even gun enthusiasts would want tighter control on who can have a gun. It would really behoove them to support it so they can argue that they are responsible enough to carry a gun.

We do have the 2nd Amendment right allowing us to bear arms. I do not believe that anyone has the right to take away that away from us. However, the right to bear arms seems to mean something different now.

The right to bear arms means that we can arm ourselves to protect ourselves or others. That indicates to me a gun or two. That does not mean military style weapons that civilians have no business owning. We were not meant to have semi-automatic machine guns. They serve civilians no purpose. We are not fighting in an army. We are the average Joe Smith who works the 9-5 and miserably pays bills. We are not action heroes.

Let’s not even get into the all the shootings that have happened just recently. Adam Lanza shooting up Sandy Hook is a great example of too much firepower readily available. James Holmes in the Aurora shooting is also a prime example.

Or is someone going to tell me that in order to defend their home/self from an intruder/attacker that they need an assault rifle to do it?

Yeah I don’t think so.

I think that we just need to make the safety of the American citizens our first priority.

Get over yourselves and realize that your hobby/pride is killing people.

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