Boston Marathon Bombing

At this point I am pretty sure anyone with contact to the outside world heard what happened in Boston. But I am just going to sum it up real quick:

April 15, 2013 is known as Patriots Day in Boston, Massachusetts.  The Boston Marathon is normally held each year and all the business and schools close so that everyone can celebrate the holiday while spectating or running in the marathon.

That state holiday was turned into a nightmare when two bombs went off and killed 3 people and brutally injured 130-170 people. The bombs went off a few seconds apart and were near the spectators. Many of the injured lost their limbs. The fatalities were a young 8 year old boy, a woman in her late twenties, and a Chinese student in town for the race.

You can see the video of the tragic event here:

At the :19 second mark you can hear the second bomb go off a few blocks away.

When this happened, people started to speculate who the culprit could be and what their motives were. It was domestic terrorists, it was foreign terrorists, it was the right wing, it was the left wing, it was religious, and so on.

I don’t want to pretend that I didn’t have my own ideas on who could have committed such a heinous attack on innocent people. I certainly did. I just didn’t really voice them because I actually did not know who did it and speculation would get me nowhere closer to discovering the answer.

For a few days all social media, especially Twitter and Facebook, blew up with support for Boston. Many sports teams stopped to pay respect to Boston before there games. Most importantly was NY who has a rivalry with Boston. I thought this was amazing. As a native New Yorker, I am so proud of this!

As the country was pulling together, along with other countries, for Boston and this horrendous act, the FBI and Boston Police were diligently, and rather quickly, working to investigate who was behind this.

It was quickly discovered that the bombs were makeshift bombs made from normal household materials. They were made with pressure cookers, remote batteries, and some other materials. Thanks to the digital age where everything is recorded, pictures of possible suspects quickly emerged. The police had asked everyone who had video footage or pictures to send them in to be analyzed for clues. It turned out that the damning clip came from a department store. Which one currently escapes me. But here is that picture:

These two managed to escape after the attacks without being discovered.

That was until they got sloppy and decided to rob a 7-11. The pictures from the camera helped identify them as brothers Tamerlan Tsarnaev who is 26 and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev who is 19. I am not 100% sure what ensued, but I do know that they gunned down a 26 year old MIT officer, carjacked an SUV and held the driver at gunpoint, then after releasing him they were involved in a gun fight with the police where Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed. Dzhokhar managed to escape however. I am not sure how true this part is, but I read that Dzhokhar ran his brother over with a car. I don’t know about that one.

Since the suspect escaped, Boston, specifically Watertown and Chamberlain have been on lockdown. All public transportation has been shut down and the police have requested that everyone stay home and keep their doors locked. Honestly, I cannot even imagine what the citizens of Boston must be going through. This stuff usually only happens in movies!

The suspect:

As I am writing this there seems to be an update. I am following the CNN This Just In blog and saw this last post:

[Updated 7:34 p.m. ET] Authorities have engaged the possible remaining suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings in Watertown, Massachusetts, a senior federal law enforcement official said.

I hope that they get this lunatic! I can’t even begin to understand what the motive was behind these attacks. From all accounts, these two seemed like pretty decent guys who came to the U.S. in 2002, went to school, made friends, played sports and all that. If they were messed up then, they managed to stay below the radar.

In my opinion, which is not fact, they either both shared the same psychotic delusions or this is something bigger than them. I am not trying to start a conspiracy theory since that is the last thing anyone needs. And we all know when a crisis occurs the first thing that happens are conspiracy theories. I just can’t think of a reason as to why two guys who grew up here and became citizens would just attack like that. I hope that this guy is arrested and illuminates us with the truth.

As of right now, at 8:00 p.m. on April 19, 2013, there are shots being fired in Watertown, Massachusetts. Someone is on a boat and he is bleeding. he was discovered by the boat owner when he saw blood on the boat. It is believed that it is the suspect and he was in fact injured from last night’s shootout. It looks like the public helped authorities find this kid.

He is not a man. Men don’t kill innocent people.


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