Happy Independence Day Albania! #100yearsAlbania

November 28, 2012 marks a historic day for Albanians everywhere. It is Albania’s Independence Day. This year however, is the 100 year anniversary that Albania gained it’s independence.

Albanians have a very long and rich history that dates back to around 1225 BC. Albanians are descendents of the Illyrian tribe. I believe the name “Albanian” comes from an Illyrian tribe called Arber, and then at some point became Albanoi.

From what I remember, Albania was always ruled by another country or empire through most of it’s existence. Albania was last under the Ottoman Empire before it gained it’s independence.

In the 15th century, a very famous hero came to be. His name was Gjergj Kastrioti. He is famously known as Skanderbeg to all Albanians. Under Skanderbeg’s command, he was able to fight the Turkish control/rule and kept Albania independent for a long period of time. At some point the Ottoman Empire regained their control on Albania and kept it that way for several centuries. I’d like to go in more detail, but I am trying to stick to a very broad overview.

In the spring of 1912, Albanian’s rose against the Ottoman Empire again and managed to seize Skopje, Macedonia. In October of that same year Montenegro declared war on Turkey which started a Balkan War. I am not sure of all the details regarding this war, but I know it was a big deal.

It was November 28, 1912 that Albania declared it’s independence! In May of 1913 Albania was formed as a new country.

Naturally, that is an enormous feat to celebrate! When Kosova gained it’s independence, it was the same thing. Years of control and oppression, lifted!

No one can ever say that Albanians are not a proud race. We certainly do love being Albanian.

We have such a beautiful and rich culture. Are we sometimes our own worst enemy? Sure. Who isn’t?

It doesn’t matter if you are from Albania, Montenegro, or Kosova. In the end, we are all Albanian. We all come from the Illyrian race. Let us celebrate this Independence Day together as Albanians! Let us use our Independence Day as a reminder of all the hardships we have faced and the triumpant victory that we fought so hard for! Many Albanians lost gave their blood, tears, and lives to get where we are today including our ancestors who I believe had a huge part in this. Let us always remember what this day really means. This is our day!

Happy Independence Day Albania!!!

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