Identity Theft Victim

I like to monitor my credit so I use both Quizzle and CreditKarma. I decided to check it today and saw that I have a new negative account that went into collections from Comcast for $692. I no longer have an account with Comcast and when I closed my account in 2014 everything was all set.

So I called Comcast and they verified that both my old address and my current address accounts were squared away and at a 0 balance. The woman on the phone gave me the number to the collection agency with that suspicious account and told me to call back with that information from the collection agency.

I called them and spoke to a woman there who verified my information. She then asked me if I ever lived at this address in Detroit that I had never heard of. I told her no and gave her the last 4 cities I lived in in the past decade. She gave me the Comcast account number so I could call Comcast back.

It was during that conversation that I learned that someone had stolen my identity and opened up a Comcast account in Detroit in March. They never made a single payment so it was disconnected and the account was sent to collections.

I called Comcast back who is now investigating this and disputing it to the credit bureau. I was told they were using all of my information and I have to fax over proof that I have never lived at that address. Comcast has a bad rep for awful customer service. For me, this is a golden opportunity for Comcast to prove they do care about their customers, current or prior.

Two questions come to mind as I write this:

  1. Why wasn’t Comcast able to pull up that account if they were using my social security number to find any accounts tied to me when we used it earlier?
  2. Why did my credit never show that the fraudulent account was delinquent after the first 30 days?

I am so livid right now! Who do these people think they are taking my identity? I loathe people who think it is okay to steal from other people who have worked hard. I have been so focused on building a good life and future for myself. Maybe those losers should do the same thing instead of stealing from others.

I am grateful to Credit Karma for updating so regularly and I was able to catch that now. I think I am going to look into since these scumbags have my identity information and who knows who they gave/sold it to.

Always monitor your credit my friends.

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